Tire export market in 2009 and market research


First half of 2009, China's total exports of tires 130 million, down 18.8%, the cumulative value of $ 3,310,000,000, of which tire export record in February 2008, the lowest since the monthly export volume. U.S., EU, Africa and Latin America were exported tires 3,307 million, 2,542 million, 1,777 million and 1,698 million, decreased 21.7%, 18.2%, 9.7% and 26.7%; of these countries and regions together accounted for the same period exports China's tire exports 71.7%. In the first half, China's tire exports of processing trade accounted for 110 million 84.6% of total exports, exports fell 15.4% to the general trade export 2,184 million tires, down 31.2%. The downstream side, exports of motor cars with the new pneumatic tires 5,091 million, down 8.3%, exports of rubber bicycle tires with a new inflatable 3,597 million, down 32%. The U.S. tire production capacity of about 3.5 million units, the number of tires imported from China accounted for one fifth of the U.S. market, in volume terms, China's tire exports to the United States is indeed an impact. The top ten tire companies in China, 70% of the co-operation with foreign investment, foreign exports tires 7,354 million, while total exports of private enterprises and state-owned enterprises 4,792 million, special tariffs may have a greater impact on the joint venture tire manufacturing and related industries will be up to 10 million jobs under threat. China's tire industry joint ventures to processing trade, special protection case brought by the loss not only for China's exports will also harm U.S. business interests abroad. Since 2009, increasing trade barriers on the tires. April 29, the U.S. officially launched special safeguard investigations against Chinese tires, June 29 decision to impose special tariffs for three years and was made Sept. 11 a final decision; May 18, India, China initiated by the fifth car tire safeguard investigations; June 18, Brazil decided to import from China passenger and freight car radial tire imposition of definitive anti-dumping duties, valid for five years. Billion sets of tires in China than the United States among the world's first production, while exports amounted to 2.5 to 300,000,000 units. Financial crisis led to weaker demand for cars developed in Europe and America, which led to sluggish market demand for tires, orders decreased significantly during the first half, China's tire exports in the face of pressure, plus levy special tariffs, the export situation will worsen. In raw materials, tire companies are facing increased pressure. Substantial increase in the tire business in the first half profits, mainly prices of raw materials such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber prices are low. Now, with rising oil prices, rubber, carbon black and other prices are gradually rising, trapped inside and outside the tire business, in the second half performance can hardly be optimistic. The U.S. introduction of special tariffs, China will be operating in the United States imported more than 200 tire dealers, more than 43,000 retailers have a major impact. The duties mainly related to semi-steel tire steel tire and small size, domestic related enterprises, mostly OEM (OEM) orders, and sales channels rests in the hands of foreign capital, mostly by traders to earn profits. This makes us more concerned about the brand of tire companies and sales networks. The long term, China is the world's tire production transfer destination. European and American developed regions with high labor costs, shortage of skilled workers, large consumption of energy, CO2 pollution, transfer of production become a trend. However, transfer of production capacity, let the Chinese take a more environmental costs.