The case of tires and the impact of the tire mold manufacturer


Obama 11, decided on all cars imported from China and light truck tires to implement a three-year punitive tariffs. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the existing import duties (3.4% -4.0%) on the basis of tires imported from China to implement the punitive tariff rates in the first year was 35%, 30% second year, the first three years was 25%.

U.S. tire company announced in a number of safeguard of the tire, the country has expressed a number of tire companies will not give up the attitude of the U.S. market, but will be accompanied by price increases, "is a collective price, if you do not mention price, export enterprises will be a collective loss of U.S. tire. "reflection of the domestic tire companies are.

Qian Luntai, Aeolus Tyre Co., River Oaks, said shares of most companies, because of its leading products for truck tires and truck tires, safeguard their little direct impact; good tires and a few other car's tire exports to the U.S. in large quantities enterprises are relatively large. After initial assessment, the tire mold company is a tire manufacturer's upstream business, subject to safeguard conduction, there is a certain negative effect, but have little effect. This is because the high cost of the U.S. tire manufacturer, the U.S. tire market has been dominated by imports in the U.S. market, total demand for tires some background, do not import from China, will be imported in other countries, which for other countries such as: India, Thailand, tire manufacturers to open the U.S. market provides a great opportunity, and these countries will inevitably increase demand for tire mold, which molds to the tire manufacturers to provide a certain amount of export market opportunities.

As the complexity of the market transmission mechanism, the current domestic tire market and the future of tire mold and tire changes in machinery sales difficult to predict, tire mold domestic and foreign companies should be concerned about the changes in the market continued to take positive and effective response measures, and efforts should be made improve the market competitiveness of their products, and actively explore foreign markets.