08 Die in China as related industries led up to 7-12 trillion yuan in output value


China's rapid growth in the mold industry, the world's third manufacturer, but the whole industry chain in a number of weaknesses that may lead to China's low-end mold is locked in the industry.

After 20 years of catch up, China's mold industry is at a critical point, the relationship between mold business model the customer will play a decisive influence. Japanese companies are constantly mold and mold the user through joint ventures, to erode their market share in China's mold.

The end of 2005, known as a "Sino-Japanese confrontation - who's conflicts have manufacturing process," the documentary prompted a strong response from Japan, the film tells the mold industry in Japan, "China" by the rise in the course of the impact, as well as Japan's measures to deal with mold practitioners. The film caused by the mold industry in Japan, the feedback that the contrast between Japanese counterparts precision connectors and semiconductor production technology, the level generally believed that Japan has lagged behind their Chinese counterparts.

A senior industry commentator pointed out: the mold industry is the foundation of the manufacturing sector, China and Japan's attitude towards the mold industry, determine the future of manufacturing between the two countries. That being the case, this contest is related to its manufacturing base, how could development? "Made in China," the future will be affected?

2005, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan is Japan important gathering place for small and medium enterprises of the mold. Now, the field area of the larger factories have moved to China to take advantage of much cheaper labor. By 2007, industry began to show signs of hollowing out the area more than 1 / 3 of the business by cheap Chinese labor impact of discontinued or simply had to choose out of business closure. The closure of many factories have now become the site of real estate development.

The phenomenon of the decline of the mold industry in Japan, it is precisely because the Japanese consumer companies have turned to China mold, China mold purchase price due to the low. According to statistics, since 1998, reached a peak of 1.87 trillion yen, the Japanese die industry, with sales continuing to decline, by 2006 this figure was only 410 billion yen, the 1998 1 / 5 more. In addition, compared with the peak in 2006 when the Japanese die reduction of about 8.5% of the number of firms, employing about 30% reduction in rate of output decline of 11%. Tokyo Ota plight of mold companies, mold industry in Japan is a vivid portrayal of the status quo.

In sharp contrast with Japan, China Mould industry since 20 years ago began an unprecedented growth. Where between 1996 - 2002, China mold manufacturing output increased by 14% of average. In 2003, this figure is a staggering 25%. To the present, in accordance with the calculated value of 2006 sales of 72.0 billion Chinese mold, mold has become the world's third largest manufacturer after the United States and Japan. In the eastern coastal areas, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the formation of a dense mold companies large enterprise clusters. Most of these companies has imported high-grade mold manufacturing machine tools, spacious workshop and hard working employees. And Japanese counterparts, the Chinese are not worried about mold factory can not get orders, but the fear of too many orders. China Plastic Mould Network

Although the absolute value of the mold industry is not large, but because of its manufacturing system in a special place in which to make the mold industry with the ability to determine the overall level of manufacturing. Mold is a modern industry, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, appliances, instruments, equipment, weapons, technical equipment and other essential commodities, the products of these industrial sector output and 60% - 90% of the parts are relying on mold forming. Mold directly restricts the development of manufacturing technology, product upgrading capability and competitiveness. Plastic mold in China Network

According to statistics, the mold drive its related industries, the ratio is about 1:100, the mold development 1 billion, 100 billion to spur related industries. Click here to calculate the proportion of China in 2006 dies related industries led up to 7 trillion yuan in output value, given such a large capacity to promote the cornerstone of the mold industry, the status of modern industry.

In the U.S., the mold industry is considered to be "the cornerstone of American industry"; in Japan, the mold industry is to be respected to the "driving force into the affluent society," such a high position. If you would like to know the level of a country's manufacturing and development potential, then the level of the mold manufacturing industry is a good choice.

For Japan, a serious lack of natural resources for countries, human creativity is the only resource. Only by the incessant creation of new products, Japan was able to survive this era of globalization and development, in this sense, the manufacturing sector as the foundation of a nation Japan is fitting. That is why the prosperity of China's mold industry, will stimulate the Japanese industry is so nervous. If China has a wealth of resources to grasp the essence of the manufacturing sector, and to continue to sublimate, then Japan would be shaken the foundation of survival.