Warmly celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hammer Hongyi Mold Co., Ltd. Qingdao 10th anniversary


With the 60th anniversary of the founding of the motherland, we are about to usher in bold Hongyi Mold Co., Ltd. Qingdao 10th anniversary. In the past 60 years, our great country has undergone enormous changes. Industrious and brave Chinese people in the past 60 years, with wisdom and sweat to write a brilliant chapter of history. In the past 10 years, the heroic company has undergone tremendous changes. Maybe 10 years time, in the vast universe just fleeting meteor, perhaps 10 years of age, in the course of history is just drop in the ocean, but 10 years of time, for the heroic people, but has come a accompanied by twists and turns and light, laughter and tears with the growth in the long road.

October 1, 1999, Qingdao Hammer Hongyi Mold Co., Ltd general manager, Mr. Shou Ji Bing was established under the leadership of the company more than 60 people from the initial development to the present more than 150 people, processing equipment, sparks from the 4 sets of EDM machines, hand- lettering, to today's EDM spark machine 30, 5 CNC cutting plotter, CNC engraving machine 5 sets of special machinery and other equipment. Products from a single oblique plastic inflatable tire mold development to the present solid tires, capsule mold, and mold and other air spring tire mold, the company in 2003 made the first in the industry import and export rights, the current development of 10 foreign customers more than the annual sales of 100 million in 1999 to 2008 more than 1500 million, heroic people in the "quality of survival" principle, step by step steadily forward.

Venture Road stormy vicissitudes years, ten Glory set to travel the journey, along the way, we had been difficult, there had been helpless, but the indomitable heroic people, the difficulties we face calm and composed, analysis, solving and constant accumulation, resulting size of the company grows ever larger, the product is geared towards diversity, enhance the company's brand. Heroic people are very grateful to those companies in the heroic course of development has helped our customers and friends, it is precisely because of their support and help, only the heroic achievements of today.

Colleagues, friends, we gathered from all over the country to the Hammer's, we do not need a great idea, do not have lofty aspirations in life, you only need to help each other, as close as brother and sister, everyone felt loved ones The warm, cozy home. We only need to support each other at work and common progress, although the domestic and international economic environment cause some adverse effects on the company, I believe that if we give full play to each employee ownership, and working hard, serious and responsible, quality quantity to complete their work, Hammer tomorrow will be even more brilliant.